[heading title="HOW DO I SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT?" heading_style="h2" ] Read more  - AVAILABLE  24/7

  • Select "NEW" for new patients or "RETURNING" for established/returning patients
  • Select the APPT TYPE (see below for more detail)
  • Select the DAY & TIME (double check the date before sending request)
  • Enter your required information through the secure portal
    • INSURANCE- if you want to use insurance for this visit, we require all necessary information before confirming your appt
  • CONFIRM- Watch for an email or text reply from us confirming your request was accepted.
[heading title="What appointment type do I choose?" heading_style="h2" ] Read more Read more Read more  Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read moreRead more [accordian fields="2" accordian_style="type1" accordian_title="~Why are there different types of eye exams?~Will I be dilated during my exam?" accordian_text="~Some appointment types take longer & we need to know which insurance to bill based on the exam type.~A dilated exam is not required for a routine vision/contact lens exam. We will discuss our recommendations based on risk factors at the time of visit. Comprehensive medical exams generally included dilation, so you should plan to be dilated for this visit type."/] Read more