[heading title="Dr. Lisa Mayes, OD" heading_style="h1" ]

[funfact title="How long has Dr. Mayes been in practice?"  icon="fa-check-square-o"  icon_size="50"  color="#1caf6f"  fun_class=""  fun_content="Graduated from Northeastern State University College of Optometry in May, 2001 and has practiced in Moore, OK for over 17 years."  icon_value="17"  ] [funfact title="How long has Dr. Mayes been at Total Vision Care?"  icon="fa-check-square-o"  icon_size="50"  color="#1caf6f"  fun_class=""  fun_content="In 2016, Dr. Mayes opened Total Vision Care to provide comprehensive eye care in a personal setting tailored to each unique patient's needs."  icon_value="2"  ] [funfact title="How long has Dr. Mayes focused on dry eye care?"  icon="fa-check-square-o"  icon_size="50"  color="#1cb285"  fun_class=""  fun_content="Suffering from dry eye syndrome for 12 years has led to Dr. Mayes focusing on ways to improve quality of life for patients suffering from this disease."  icon_value="12"  ] [funfact title="CO-MANAGEMENT"  icon="fa-check-square-o"  icon_size="50"  color="#1aa58e"  fun_class=""  fun_content="Dr. Mayes co-manages with top surgeons in the OKC metro for cataract surgery, glaucoma care, retina conditions, and LASIK. This relationship provides you with 2 eye care providers involved in your care."  icon_value="2"  ]