Includes an eye health screening, but does not include the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.



  • Auto-refraction- an automated measurement used to assist in measuring for glasses.
  • Lensometry- this measures the power in your current glasses.
  • Visual Acuity- reading letters, numbers, or pictures on an acuity chart for distance vision (calibrated for 20 feet) and near vision.
  • General binocular screening- screening tests on the ability of the eyes to focus and track together, depth perception, peripheral (side) vision, and pupil responses.
  • Refraction- this is the measurement of a potential new glasses prescription.
  • Tonometry- this is the measurement of intra-ocular pressure (IOP) which screens for glaucoma.
  • Slit Lamp Examination- The "slit lamp" is a microscope that allows the doctor to view the eye under high magnification and screen for diseases of the eye.
  • Dilated Examination- Dilating drops can be instilled to cause the pupils to stay dilated and to stop the eye from focusing. This allows a wider view in the back of the eyes and a more controlled measurement for glasses.
  • Glasses Prescription- Dr. Mayes prescribes glasses for all your needs (specialty prescriptions may require a second visit for accuracy).

Clear vision = best refraction + healthy eyes + absence of systemic disease that impedes the visual system.


If we see signs of ocular disease (medical conditions affecting the eyes) we will recommend a return visit for a comprehensive medical exam to further evaluate, diagnose & treat before prescribing glasses. This can be billed to medical insurance if available.