Routine Vision Exam:


Contact Lens Exam:

  • NEW PATIENT CL Exam: RANGES FROM $170 to $220
  • ESTABLISHED PATIENT CL Exam: $120-$190

Contact Lens (CL) Fitting Fees:

If routine vision benefits are used, often the contact lens fitting portion is considered a separate fee from the vision exam. Fitting fees vary based on complexity of the fit.

  • Basic CL Fitting: $75 (non-astigmatism/distance prescription)
  • Toric CL Fitting: $99 (astigmatism correcting CL)
  • Multi-focal/Mono-vision: $125
  • Contact Lens Fit & Training for new wearers: $50 training plus cost of fitting (see prices above)
  • Contact Lens Follow Up Visit (if needed): $45
  • CL evaluation (annual renewal of prescription for established patients): $45
  • Specialty Contact Lens Fitting: $250-$350 depending on complexity of fitting
  • Medical eye care: fees vary depending on the service required (medical insurance can be billed in most cases)


  • A Contact Lens Exam Includes a Routine Vision Exam Plus a Fitting for Contact Lenses (initial pair of contact lenses are included in the fitting fee).
  • Follow up visits to evaluate for changes in the contact lenses are not always necessary and are therefore not included in the self pay fitting fee. If a contact lens follow up visit is needed, a $45 charge will apply.
  • Vision insurances vary with coverage for contact lens fittings. If the fitting fee is not covered by your vision plan, the applicable fitting fee will be charged in addition to your exam copay. If your vision insurance covers a fitting, TVC will bill your insurance according to the network protocol.
  • Contact lenses are a medical device that can cause damage to the eyes when worn inappropriately. Glasses have less risk and cost less for those who need to conserve time and money.
  • ¬†Specialty contact lens fitting fee includes the measurement required to design a specialty lens for your needs. Diagnostic lenses may be used to determine the parameters needed in your initial lens. Specialty lenses often require a few follow up visits and changes in lens power and design in order to achieve the best fit for your eyes, additional charges may apply.
    • The "fitting period" is 60 days, however some fits may require more time to finalize. Dr. Mayes has over 17 years of experience fitting complex corneas and is committed to working with each patient until they are satisfied with their vision and comfort.
    • Once the best lens design is achieved, follow up evaluations every 6 months will be required to maintain the best vision and eye health. Medical insurance is often used for these visits. Annual "refits" may require some changes in the lens parameters.

Specialty contact lens fitting including Scleral lenses and Synergeyes Hybrid lenses.