Your cell phone rings, you look and see a number you don't recognize... do you answer? I don't!

Has anyone called your doctor to ask a question, left a message for the nurse/technician, then waited for their call back only to MISS the call and have to call back... leave another message... and round and round you go?

We understand your time is valuable. We have decided to offer a new way to contact our office: TEXTING!

Now you can call OR text us at 405-790-0393. Save our office number in your cell phone so you know this is Dr. Mayes at Total Vision Care.

We will send you a HIPAA message that states:

"Text messaging is not secure and could be viewed by third parties. We need your permission to text with you about your health. Reply CONSENT to give us permission."
Of course we will be careful to only include necessary information to communicate what we need and you can always opt out of this option. Our system is HIPAA compliant and secure, however we can not protect the information once it is received on your device. Most eye care texting will involve discussing ordering your contact lenses, or what pharmacy to send your prescription to, or when to reschedule your appointment. Texting is a very convenient way to reach the doctor or staff at Total Vision Care and communicate without waiting on hold or playing phone tag.
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